About CTSL

Since 2003, Comrade Trustee Services Limited has been the proud trustee for the Defence Force Retirement Benefit Fund. 

Our vision and mission help drive our commitment to meet members’ needs and prudently manage the fund.

Below you’ll find a wealth of information about CTSL and the Fund. Contact us if you have further queries. 

Our Vision and Mission

The vision, mission and values that challenge us to meet the highest professional and ethical standards.

The fund

About the Defence Force Retirement Benefit Fund, an authorized superannuation fund under the Superannuation (General Provisions) Act 2000.

The trustee

About Comrade Trustee Services Limited, trustee for the Fund since 2003.

The board

The Fund’s board of directors, including its current members and its role in managing the Fund’s strategic direction.

Corporate governance

The collection of rules, practices and processes used to operate the Fund, and how we en-sure good corporate governance.

Fund administrator

The role and functions of Kina Investments & Superannuation, the Fund’s external administrator.

Fund manager

The role and functions of Kina Funds Management Limited (KFM), the Fund’s external fund manager.