The Trustee

Comrade Trustee Services Limited (CTSL) is the licensed corporate trustee for the Fund, as approved by the Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG).

As such, CTSL is legally responsible for the prudent management of the Fund.

Subject to the governing rules and the Superannuation (General Provisions) Act, the Fund has the power, authority and discretion to take any action it considers necessary or beneficial to ensure the Fund’s sound administration, maintenance, investment and preservation.

As required by law, CTSL outsources the fund’s administration and investment functions to authorised service providers.

Administrative functions

The trustee has engaged external service provider Kina Investments & Superannuation as its authorised Fund administrator.

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Investment functions

Since 2003, CTSL has outsourced the function of investment manager to Kina Funds Management Limited (KFM).

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