Our Vision and Mission

Our vision

To create wealth and improve the well-being of members through the prudent management of investments of the fund.

Our mission

To continuously deliver services to meet the identified needs of the Accumulation & Defined Benefit scheme members and to prudently manage the Fund to ensure their values are maintained and enhanced. 

Our corporate values

To achieve our mission statement, all CTSL directors and employees, and our core service providers, must adhere to our corporate values:

  • Act with Honesty- Operating in honesty and integrity. Demonstrates principled leadership and sound business ethics. Shows consistency among principles, values and behaviors.   
  • Maintain Integrity- Demonstrates honest and ethical behavior in all business transactions. Ensures that company/professional standards are maintained and being transparent in our dealings with all parties.
  • Possess Ubuntu- Behaving well towards others and acting in ways that benefits the company. Always putting the interest of our members first. We will avoid drama by exhibiting civility, empathy and restraint. “I am because we are, “and also “humanity towards others”.
  • Practice Excellence- Aiming continually to improve our services and efficiency levels. Pursuing an employment policy that is based on merits and does not discriminate on the gender, race, religion or ethic persuasion.
  • Demonstrate Leadership- Treating each other with respect and consideration and encouraging teamwork and cooperation. Being responsible and accountable for our actions.
  • Provide Professionalism- We are capable, lifelong learners, who model the competencies associated with our field, specialty or area of expertise.
  • Be Committed- Builds trust with others through personal authenticity and follows through commitments. We are committed to the organization and generally feel a connection with the organization, feel that we fit in and, feel we understand the goals of the organization. We tend to be more determined in our work, show relatively high productivity and more proactive in offering our support.

These values challenge us to meet the highest professional and ethical standards in our relationships with members, suppliers and the community.